Vida Boa has put together a sterling team of individuals who have seen the world with adventurous eyes. When you’re out on the crystal waters or sitting by a beach bonfire, you’ll have people who are experts in kicking back in paradise.


Johan Visage

Throughout his life, Johan has been passionate about nature, animals and conservation. He studied Nature Conservation at university, and then worked as a trail guide for six years in South Africa and Botswana. He advocates controlled hunting for conservation purposes, having been a part-time hunter since 1993. For the last decade, he has also been a sports coach and player, but has given it up to pursue his first love: the natural world. Johan is a highly experienced guide and has all the right passion to be part of the Vida Boa team. He currently lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with his family.

Derick Wilkins

Derick came into the world in the wild: he was born in the Kruger National Park and was raised in untouched nature. After doing his military service, he became a commercial and sport diving instructor. Through his line of work, he has worked in many African countries in the wildlife, conservation and security industries, with much of his focus being on Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Having dived and fished countless times in Mozambican waters, he knows the region very well.


We’ve got a few partners in Bazaruto and around southern Africa that we work with to bring your experience to life. We’ve worked with them any number of times before, so we know that they’re the best out there. Over time, this list will expand – we’re always on the lookout for unique experiences throughout southern Africa that offer something unlike anything else out there.

Pestana Lodge, Bazaruto, Mozambique

As one of Bazaruto’s most beautiful beachfront chalet hotels, Pestana Lodge is a magnificent base from which to explore the island. With its signature A-frame chalets, Pestana Lodge offers a luxury alternative to Vida Boa’s Private Villa Experience.

Chikwenya Lodge, Zimbabwe

Situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, Chikwenya Lodge is a luxury getaway with prime access to the abundant fish of one of Africa’s main arteries. Experience the thrills of fishing in southern Africa with Vida Boa’s partnership with Chikwenya.

HHK Safaris, Zimbabwe

As one of Zimbabwe’s most respected eco-tourism operators, their Lodges is an exceptional destination for fishing in the Zambezi River. Our safari packages include options to experience their Lodges at the best times of the year.